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Private Label and Custom Flavors

Brewed to go with TeaCup The ultimate on-the-go tea experience

Merlinbird offers a diverse range of tea varieties, carefully curated to cater to every tea lover's discerning palate.

Unique tea cup

Eco-friendly Materials

Our tea cups are backed by patented technology, setting them apart from others in the market. Here's what makes our cups truly unique:


6 basic tea flavors

Green Tea, Jasmin Tea,White Tea,Black Tea, Pu'er Tea, Oolong Tea

Experience the fusion of classic tea varieties with a range of unique flavors, including floral, fruity, and caramel accents. Each sip of our specialty teas will transport you to a world of delightful taste sensations.


Cups and Tubes

Cup size:9oz-16oz, Tube size:5cups-10cups

With our range of cup sizes and packaging options, you can choose the perfect fit for your preferences and requirements. Whether you're an individual tea enthusiast, a business owner, or an event organizer, we have the right solution to cater to your needs.

Locations & Hours

designed to cater to various commercial usage scenarios

Office Breakrooms

Airlines and Travel Services

Cafés and Coffee Shops

Hospitality and Events

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